Before and After: Coffee Table Re-Do

Our friend Lacey had a coffee table that she wanted us to redo.  She had already given the table a makeover with chalk paint and it looked great.  Unfortunately, it had water damage on the top which caused the wood to bubble up and the table actually had a mold spot underneath.  She liked the way our rustic coffee table looked like, so we created a similar design for her!

Here, you can see the water damage to the original table top.  We were excited to get started making a new top for the table!

First, we went shopping at Lowe’s to pick out the wood she wanted to use.  Lacey was very involved in the project from the beginning to the end and it was fun to share our favorite hobby with one of our very best friends!

Then we got straight to work! We measured the wood, cut it to size and Adam sanded each plank down.

(Please ignore the pinkish alien hand. How embarrassing.)

Lacey wanted a slightly rustic look to the table, so Adam chiseled small pieces out of the sides of the planks and then sanded those down by hands to create a rustic, weathered look.

After that, Lacey and I stained each plank.  Lacey chose Kona (by Rust-Oleum) for the stain color after we tested out a few different stains on a scrap piece of wood.  We tested keeping the stains on for different lengths of time and decided that we liked how Kona looked after soaking into the wood for 5 minutes before being wiped off.

Lacey was a pro at staining!

While we were staining, Adam was removing the old table top from the base of the table.  Since Lacey had already painted the base, we didn’t have to do anything to it!  We knew the white chalk paint would look great in contrast with the dark stained wood.

After the wood was dry, it was time to put the table together!  First we laid out the planks and made our measurements to make sure the base was placed in the right spot before we connected it to the table top.  We find that it is easiest to place the base exactly where it needs to go and then to trace along the sides of it so the correct spot is marked on the top.  That way, if the base moves out of place while you are drilling it to the top, you’ll have a  mark to show exactly where it should be.

Since we were creating a table top out of three separate planks, we needed to add supports to hold them together.  We used scrap pieces of wood laid perpendicularly to the planks and nailed them in to hold everything together.

While Adam nailed the supports to the table top, Lacey and I acted as human clamps to hold the 3 planks as tightly together as possible!

After that, Lacey helped Adam drill the table top to the base using brackets and screws.

After it was put back together, it was time to apply poly!

Once that dried, we were done!  This project only took a day and we had lots of fun completing it with Lacey!


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