Kitchen Table and Chairs Rustic Makeover

This is the first ever furniture project that we took on and it’s the reason we’re now addicted to redoing anything we can! This table was being discarded when people moved out of their apartment so we decided to pick it up. Unfortunately, I don’t have a full picture of the table, but you can see the base above.  The top of the table was the same color that you see above, but it had lots of bubbles and damage from water. Actually, we think the damage was from beer because the whole table reeked of it!  After we cleaned it up, took it apart, sanded, painted the bottom and stained the top, we had ourselves a beautiful, modern yet rustic table and we both absolutely love it!

The chairs were also the same color as the base you see above and they had red cushions.  We painted the chairs, got rid of the cushions and stained the wooden seats and you can see below that they look much more sleek and updated.  And they are still very comfortable too without the cushion!

We actually spent months on the this project because at that  point we had no idea what we were doing and we used a lot of trial and error.  The first thing we did was take the table apart and remove the veneer finish on the table top.  Adam spent hours scraping off the top so that we would have a clean wood surface to work with.

You can see the leaf before above and the leaf after all of the veneer had been scraped off.  Please excuse the poor quality pictures. At the time we weren’t thinking about documenting the process!

Next, we sanded down every surface of the table and chairs by hand.  At that point, we didn’t have our beloved orbital sander yet, so we just used sanding blocks and it took us a really long time.  Here’s Adam sanding one of the leaves:

After everything was sanded, we decided that we were going to stain the top and paint the bottom.  We chose Dark Walnut (by Minwax) for the stain and Swiss Coffee (by Valspar) for the paint.

Because it was an old table that had gotten a lot of use, the wood was very beat up and had lots of imperfections.  We love the way the rustic texture of the table really came out when we stained it.

Painting the base and chairs of the table was really time consuming and difficult due to the detail of the wood and the type of paint that we got.   If we did this again today, we both agree that we would use spray paint because it goes on more evenly and it’s a quicker, easier process!

(Adam obviously got a hair cut midway through this project!)

We worked on the table after work at night for the most part and we were so proud when the painting was finally done.  I still can’t believe how many coats of paint it took, but it looks awesome!

After it was painted and the top was stained, it was time to put on the polyurethane!

We then put the table back together! One of the best parts about it is that it has extendable leaves, so it actually turns into a really long table!

I wish I had a better quality picture, but you get the idea!

We are so proud of this table and we now use it daily.  It looks fantastic in the house and it’s a great reminder every day of the work we put in to create something beautiful!  This table inspired the name of our blog and our new hobby–we hope it inspires you too!


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