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DIY Headboard Project

Ever since we moved into our new townhome over a month ago, I’ve been wanting to build a headboard and we finally did it this weekend.  We absolutely love the way it turned out. It really transforms the bedroom!

Bedroom Before

Bedroom After

When I look at the before picture now, it looks like something is missing. I think it looks so much better now! Here’s how we did it:

First, we went to a lumber yard that is open to the public to pick out the wood we were going to use. We were able to walk out into the lumber yard and see the different choices and we ended up getting pine 1 x 10 boards. They were originally 16 feet long, so we had them cut in half so they would fit in our car.

Getting the Wood in the Car

It was still too big for the car, so Adam had to lay in the back and hold the door shut.  It was pretty comical to watch!

Driving the Wood Home

Luckily, we don’t live far from the lumber yard, so we didn’t have too far to go with Adam laying in the back like that. We got home and got started right away. We had measured the space between the windows in our bedroom and knew we would need to cut the wood down a little bit. I got to work measuring and making the marks for Adam to cut the wood.

Measuring the Wood

Drawing the Straight Line

I’ve talked about this before, but the Angle Square is one of my favorite tools to use. It makes drawing straight lines so much easier! After I had all the lines drawn, Adam cut all the wood with his circular saw.

Cutting the Wood

And then sanded each piece.

Sanding the Wood

After Adam cut and sanding the wood, I stained each one. We used  a dark walnut stain.

Staining the Wood

After all the wood was cut, sanded and stained, we made some grilled cheese sandwiches and cold beer and sat back and admired our work–a very critical step in the process.

Grilled Cheese

Cold Beer

Boards Done

With the boards done, we were ready to put the headboard together! To do that, we lined up our wood planks and then added pieces of wood to the back.

Putting the Blanks Together

Screwing in the Planks

Since the headboard was pretty heavy, we decided to add two more boards in the middle for extra stability.

Adding More Support

While Adam was screwing the boards into the headboard, I was using our stamping kit, to make our mark on this project.

Wood Stamping

Once we were done putting it together, we picked it up to make sure everything looked ok. This picture gives you a good idea of just how big this headboard is. It’s insanely large!

Headboard Together

Since it’s so heavy and bulky, Adam decided that it needed extra support and stability, so we attached some strut channels to the back.

Strut Channels

Adding Strut Channels

Adding More Strut Channels

In the end, here is what the back looked like:

Back of the Headboard

It’s extremely stable now! Our next challenge was to actually get the headboard up two flights of stairs, which was not an easy task.  The headboard is almost 8 feet long and is very heavy.  Just picture trying to get the monstrous thing around the corner and up these stairs:


I think it took us about an hour to finally get it up to the 3rd floor, but we did it! It took us a long time to figure out how to attach the headboard to the bed, but we came up with the plan to add a piece of wood to the bed frame to hold the headboard in. You can see Adam attaching it here.

Making Frame for Headboard

Then we placed the headboard in front of the wood and attached it to the piece that you see sticking up in the picture above.  Adam drilled holes in the wood support piece and then used screws to attach the headboard to it.

Attaching the Headboard

Attaching the Headboard

We did it to the other side of the bed and we had ourselves a stable headboard!

Finished Headboard

We love the way it looks and I’m so glad we got this project done.

Finished Headboard Up Close


Quikrete countertop mix


Coming Soon: DIY Concrete Table/Island


Finished Projects


Before and After: Coffee Table Re-Do

Our friend Lacey had a coffee table that she wanted us to redo.  She had already given the table a makeover with chalk paint and it looked great.  Unfortunately, it had water damage on the top which caused the wood to bubble up and the table actually had a mold spot underneath.  She liked the way our rustic coffee table looked like, so we created a similar design for her!

Here, you can see the water damage to the original table top.  We were excited to get started making a new top for the table!

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The rug I picked was the Morum rug in dark gray.  I wanted a flat woven rug so that my cat wouldn’t tear it up and I chose gray because I have a gray and white theme going in my room.  Once I had the rug, I got started right away.  I found a great stencil for the Moroccan pattern so I cut it out and got painting!

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Kitchen Table and Chairs Rustic Makeover

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